Experienced Real Estate Broker in Kamas Valley, UT

Gene Atkinson is an experienced real estate broker in Kamas Valley, UT. Using his vast knowledge and skill, he has been able to assist his clients with both buying and selling their homes. These are just a few of the many reviews submitted by Gene's satisfied clients.

"We had a very unique situation when we identified our dream home. Most sellers would never have worked with us but Gene was able to help us get the house under contract. My husband and I quickly found out that a realtor with good negotiation skills is worth his weight in gold! Gene was very patient with us through the process and would call us back fast if we had a question and he wasn't available right away to take our call. We honestly never would have gotten into our dream home without his help! I would recommend Gene for your top choice as a realtor for his experience, expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills. We now call Gene a neighbor and friend.

We strongly recommend the services of Gene Atkinson to anyone preparing to sell or buy a home. Our home in Park City was on and off the market for two years. At first we listed it briefly, then we leased it, then we listed it again, and sold it. That sale fell apart and we rented the home again, keeping it on the market through the end of the second listing. Then we decided to sell it ourselves, due partly to our previous unpleasant experiences and partly because we wanted to save the commission. But we weren't doing so well.

Finally, Gene came along. He found us, we didn't find him. Just as we were planning to reduce the price for a quick sale, he recommended that we raise the price instead, and list it. We were so impressed with all the things he said he would do to sell our home. He did everything he had promised and more to sell our house. But, best of all, he brought in clients. He didn't just "get the listing" and then wait for other realtors to sell the house.
As the offers started coming, he stayed with us to advise us. He checked up on the strength and validity of each potential buyer so we wouldn't raise our hopes, or get into any questionable deals. More than one Ernest Money offer was rejected on his advice. He wasn't in it for the quick sale. He was an experienced, professional, real estate advisor."

When the whole deal was finished we were satisfied we'd done well by putting ourselves in his hands. We'd sold our home, accepting an offer within a month of signing Gene, for more money than we'd previously hoped, in an honest deal with people we knew would appreciate our home.
Gene is aggressive, experienced, and honest.
We strongly recommend the services of Gene Atkinson to anyone preparing to sell or buy a home.

Mike and Irene McQuay
Carmichael - California


Mr. Gene Atkinson is one of the most professional and productive people in the real estate business. His judgement, understanding of policy and ability to work through problems make him an invaluable member of your brokerage. When we wanted something done, we sketched out the general framework and Gene did the rest, always getting it right the first time. We have depended on his capable leadership for this crucial project of selling our home.

He was the catalyst for breaking through negotiation barriers and was personally responsible for its' great success. When we were nervous, Gene remained calm and focused, thus reassuring us of the eventual sale of our home. Gene has other accomplishments and responsibilities too numerous to mention. They do, however, have common threads - careful preparation, attention to detail and excellent results.

Gene is destined to be one of the future leaders of the real estate business. His initiative, drive and maturity place him far above his peers.

Dave & Nancy Woolley
Park City, Utah


Words cannot express how happy and relieved we are that the house has finally been sold. "Gene, we should have found you in the beginning and I believe this home would have been sold long ago. Becky and I are tremendously pleased with your work and the outcome of your efforts".

Gene took our house listing. We live over 350 miles away. At the time we had a hostile renter that would not leave nor allow any one to look at our home. It was a giant mess to say the least. Gene took over our listing and helped and coached us very professionally every step of the way. He went out of his way to provide us services that Agents just don't do. He referred us a good attorney, vacuumed floors, watched over the house, met movers there to let them in and many more things that helped us sell this home. Things that I do not believe Realtors do, Gene went out of his way to do.
I highly recommend listing or working with Gene. Gene is very knowledgeable about real estate and knows the market. He deserves every penny of his commission and he earned it.
Gene, once again a hearty thank you for your services and let me know if I can help you with any recommendations in the future. It goes without saying, we would refer you any day!

George and Becky Wilde
Eagle, Idaho